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Welcome to Hope Preserved Ministries! We provide inner healing ministry both in person and via the internet. We specialize in healing root issues that are difficult to recognize and reach with many forms of help. Our work is built on the premise that if the promises of Scripture are true, then God can make a very real difference in all types of mental and emotional struggles. Our history has shown this to be the case. We offer ministry to two categories of needs, both of which share the same foundation:

  • Mainstream issues: Commonly known problems such as anger, marital struggles, drivenness, or other dysfunctional behaviors. This includes addictions, eating disorders, depression, bipolar, and other diagnosed disorders.
  • Occult abuse: Occult encounters or occult abuse, more commonly known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). This ministry deals with issues and problems that are not common knowledge with mainstream churches and people. At any given time, over 50% of our workload is usually helping SRA survivors. 

For an overview, please see the summary below or the video on this page. There is a wealth of information on our site to help understand brokenness, beginning with Damaged identity, the root of brokenness. To schedule ministry please see the To receive ministry page. If you have questions, please use our Contact us page to reach us.

The problem

  • As we grow up, childhood stress, pain, trauma, and damage to our sense of value cause our minds to become divided (or broken) into “parts of me,” a “side to a person,” “an inner child,” etc., that hold the emotional wounds and behavioral impact of these issues. This is a universal condition that affects each person to a different degree depending on what happened during our childhood.
  • Our “parts” carry dysfunctional behavior, emotional struggles, addictions, disorders, the impact of abuse, coping mechanisms, and much more.
  • If these parts are not deliberately found and healed, much of the help we receive may have only a temporary impact.
  • This is literally the biblical condition of the broken heart or double-mindedness identified in various parts of the Bible. (See Is this biblical?)
  • Through biblical truth and Christ-empowered ministry, we can find and heal the broken parts of the heart. The ministry process must be designed to reach these parts and use the appropriate tools and methods to heal them.
  • Once parts are fully healed, the problems they carry are removed from their lives.

Our process

  • Our first focus is to understand your heart and the things that are carried in parts. This must be done before turning to any particular ministry tool or process. If you focus only on a tool or process, you will miss things that the tool or process doesn’t address. 
  • We use multiple proven ministry techniques depending on the problem we find and the individual’s leanings and ability to engage. No single tool or process is best for everyone.
  • To prepare for ministry, each person fills out an inventory packet that helps familiarize us with the issues you want addressed and things in your life that may have caused brokenness.
  • Before starting the ministry process, we spend time discussing your issues and questions, ensuring that you understand your value, and developing mutual trust.
  • Parts are found through a guided process that is based in prayer, exploring emotions, and discussions of things that can trigger parts. No hypnosis or trance-like techniques are used.
  • Appointments are scheduled in 1/2 day to 4 day increments. We prefer the initial appointment to be at least 2 full days.
  • Cost: We are donation-based. See To receive ministry for more information.

Ministry values

  • The Bible: We are a biblically-based ministry. Our approaches to ministry, spiritual freedom, spiritual growth, etc., are all expressly founded on principles of the Word of God.
  • Your value: Every person is perfectly, uniquely, and beautifully designed by God. Being broken is not the same as being defective. No one’s design is defective or less than another’s.
  • Your God-designed identity: Ministry is a process of removing the barriers to recognizing and living out your perfectly designed, God-given identity.

For more information, see the website articles or the video below.

To receive ministry

All information needed to request a ministry appointment is available on our “To receive ministry” page here.

To donate

Hope Preserved Ministries is a 501(C)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-deductible.

Checks can be mailed to:

Hope Preserved Ministries
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For more information:

Send us a note using Contact Us, or call us at 1-254-227-6404.