To receive ministry

Ministry begins with a four-day appointment that covers everything needed for the basic broken soul ministry. Occasionally, the basic broken soul ministry requires an additional week, which will be scheduled when we recognize the need. Satanic Ritual Abuse ministry often requires several years of appointments to fully heal. We typically schedule repeat appointments in two to four-day blocks. If you need other arrangements, we will try to work with your needs. If you are interested in receiving personal ministry:
  1. Read and follow all of the instructions on this page.
  2. If you are not of legal age, we must have signed permission from your parents or legal guardians before providing ministry.
  3. Read through all information on this page and the articles on The Broken Soul In Depth beginning here. Downloadable PDFs of the articles are available here.
  4. Contact us here.  We will want to talk with you about your needs before scheduling an appointment. We will need your name, address, best phone number, and email for our database.
  5. Fill out and return the Ministry Support Planning Form (available below), and we will set a date with you for your ministry time.
  6. Fill out and return the Confidential Personal Inventory form located here. The form must be turned in at least two weeks before your ministry date.
At any time please feel free to contact us with questions or for prayer support.

Ministry Scheduling:

 We will work with you as best we can to schedule ministry in increments that fit your time and budget.

  • Ministry can be scheduled in increments of ½ day up to 4 days.
  • For initial appointments, we recommend scheduling a minimum of 2 days.
  • An average, non-SRA ministry can be completed in 4 to 6 total days of ministry.
  • Significant SRA abuse requires additional ministry which may take several years of regular appointments to complete.

In-person ministry days are typically from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. When Mark is ministering to a woman, it is our strict rule that Mark’s wife, Risa, or another Christian woman be present in our home/office to protect everyone’s reputation.

Online vs in-person ministry

We provide ministry both online and in-person. We see the same quality of ministry results with both methods. Online ministry can be done using Microsoft’s Skype or Apple’s FaceTime services. People have used their smart phones, tablets, and computers for online ministry with equally good results. Of course, for online ministry you will need a reliable internet connection with sufficient speed to support video calls.

Transportation and lodging for in-person ministry

We are not able to assist people with travel and lodging costs. If you must travel from out of town, you will be responsible for your own transportation, lodging, and meals (other than lunch on ministry days–please see below.) We will be happy to help with suggestions for affordable hotel accommodations.


As long as you do not have special dietary requirements, we provide lunch on all full days of ministry.  If you have special dietary requirements, feel free to bring your own lunch.

Financial information

We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) ministry supported exclusively by donations. While ministry is donation-based, it is free of charge for those who legitimately cannot afford to donate (people on disability income, homeless, welfare, etc.). We only ask you to understand that we can offer free-of-charge appointments only as our own finances allow. Therefore, availability of unsupported appointments on a specific schedule cannot be guaranteed.

For those with a regular income, we ask that you donate to help cover the cost of your ministry, as this is our livelihood and the laborer is worthy of their hire. We do our best to work within what you can pay. You are free to determine your donation amount, however, we ask you to abide by the following guidelines, which are far lower than traditional counseling appointments:

Recommended Donation Guidelines

  • Full day ministry: $175 to $300 per day
  • One-half day appointments: $87.50 to $150 per ½ day

As with free appointments, those who provide less than recommended minimum may have to wait until our budget allows us to schedule your slot(s).

For our budgeting and scheduling purposes, we ask that you tell us ahead of time whether and how much you plan to donate for your ministry. We will put you in the queue for an appointment once we receive the Ministry Support Planning Form (below).

A completed form can be returned:

Donations can be made through the “Donation” button in the website or mailed to: 3220 Edmond Ave Waco TX  76707 We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation.  All donations are tax-deductible.