The Impact of Satanic Ritual Abuse


WARNING:  If you believe that you may be a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse, please pray before reading this material.  If you feel that God is giving you a check, please stop reading and contact us.  Sometimes reading about SRA can be enough to cause an SRA victim problems.  Click here to contact us.  Please be forewarned: This article contains material that can be disturbing. Please note: Everything covered in our articles on the broken soul applies to SRA victims.  Those articles provide a baseline of the type damage and demonic oppression in SRA victims.  The material below describes additional layers of damage and complexity that an SRA victim carries.  Please view this as a supplement to the information the broken soul articles. There is no way to over-emphasize the impact or cruelty of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  In a healing ministry, working with SRA can make God’s process for healing mental illnesses and addictions feel like a light day at the office.  When you combine the presence of the demonic with the physical and psychological torture of SRA rituals, most of which is done to children, it is impossible for a non-SRA victim to fully empathize with a SRA victim’s suffering.  Most SRA memories are so horrific that other people cannot stand to hear them.  They cannot be talked about in public, at church, or in life groups.  Victims tell us that most of their pastors don’t know how to help them.  This makes it difficult for a SRA victim to find the friends and personal support groups they need to help them endure their suffering.  Many victims just give up hope and suffer in lonely silence. Equally tragic is the problem that the memories of SRA torture can be hidden so well that they are never found.  Victims experience the impact of the rituals – mental disorders, physical pain, confusion, etc., with no real answer for why this is happening to them.  For too many people, this means they suffer for a lifetime without of finding freedom.  This all begins with an occult strategy to break and fragment the mind and soul of the victim (see also “Magic Surgery” below.) 

Dissociative Identity Disorder – hidden memories

As mentioned, most adults have very little if any memory of SRA abuse.  The memories are there; they are just buried.  They are buried because of satanic rituals that cause so much stress in people that they create alternate personalities to cope with the trauma of SRA and hide their memories.  Most of the memories of SRA in our counselees are of things done to them in their childhood.  This means, of course, that the things described below are done to children. The existence of these alternate personalities is a condition that is known clinically as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or possibly, Multiple Personality Disorder[1].  Dissociation is: ” … a split in the conscious process in which a group of mental activities breaks away from the main stream of consciousness and functions as a separate unit, as if belonging to another person.”  (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)  “<It> is a mechanism that allows the mind to separate or compartmentalize certain memories or thoughts from normal consciousness.  These memories are not erased, but are buried and may resurface at a later time.” In 99% of our counselees there is no conscious manifestation of alternate personalities in their lives.  In other words, the counselee does not switch between being “Bob” one minute and “Paul” the next.  Their alternate personalities can exert profound influence over the victim without revealing themselves as a separate identity.  This makes it difficult to diagnose DID in an SRA victim.  To date, we have not had a counselee who was under the care of a mental health practitioner who had found DID in the counselee.  Yet we find alternates in the majority of people who come to us for ministry. Alternate personalities exist in SRA victims to handle stress and hide memories.  The hidden memories can be as fresh as last night.  There can be ongoing behavior, such as continuing to attend occult rituals, without any conscious recollection of the ongoing abuse.  The memories are all buried in alternate personalities. With SRA we find alternates that were created due to sexual molestation, black magic, worship of Satan, marriages to Satan, ritual murders, physical abuse, shame, grief, sorrow, and many other such things.  Some alternates are pledged to Satan as a wife or daughter and thereby carry unusually heavy demonic oppression. Alternates can be any age from in the womb to the age of the victim.  Their age is the age of the victim when they were created.   Their behavior, self concept, and emotions will reflect the trauma that caused them to be created.  They can age as they are healed.  For example, we worked with a three-year-old alternate that was healed of a traumatic memory and then immediately said, “I’m 19 now.”  When the memory at age 19 was healed, she said, “Now I’m 30.” Some alternates believe they are animals.   They may do this by placing a child in a pen with animals and forcing them to live under torturous conditions until they believe they are one of the animals. The resulting non-human alternate can only speak through an alternate that is capable of acting as a spokesperson for them.  We have also met alternates who believe they are plants.  Additionally, the occult causes some memories to be broken up across multiple alternates, making it very difficult to pull together a cohesive memory for healing.  It is no wonder that adult SRA victims have little to no childhood memories of the abuse they suffered. Demons are always present with alternates.  Alternates are legal ground that allows territorial demons to be present in the soul.  Some demons clone existing alternates, making it difficult to know whether a presenting alternate is human or demonic outside of God’s revelation and tests we can use to discover its nature.  Demons will hide alternates, make them believe they cannot speak, torture them as they come forward for healing, and do many other harmful things that interfere with healing. DID, in and of itself, can have a devastating effect on a person.  But SRA victims carry unique entanglements with their DID that make their problems much worse.

Magic Surgery

Many ministries and forms of clinical therapy are used with SRA victims.  Most are not designed specifically for SRA, meaning they do not include strategies for some of the unique types of damage SRA victims carry.  These efforts do provide some healing and can result in as much as a year or two of peace.  The danger is that the victim may believe they are free, only to suffer a terrible relapse.  The relapse can be devastating enough to drive them to suicide.  As mentioned, this is not because the previous work was ineffective.  It is because SRA damage can be hidden by a powerful occult ritual named “Magic Surgery.” Magic Surgery is done to a child.  The child is made to memorize the layout of something like a castle or a small town.  The child will know the entire layout of the structure – floors, rooms, stairways, etc.  Then they are shown a small model of the structure and tricked into believing that it is being placed in their soul.  Realism is added by occult members dressing in surgical garb and using instruments like scalpels on the child while they lay on a table. Alternates are then forced to populate the structure.  The alternates stay in rooms created by the surgery.  The rooms are locked and guarded by demons.  The further down you go in levels, the more alternate personalities you will find, and the more sinister their behavior will be.  The first level may contain fewer than ten alternates, while lower levels may contain thousands.  The entire structure can be divided in two major sections, an upper level and a pit.  Every alternate personality is assigned multiple demons who guard it and program its thinking.  These demons will keep the alternate personality locked away until it is needed.  The demons can even convince an alternate that they are its friends.  It is common to find a ratio of four to five demons for every alternate personality. The levels in the structure are connected by stairways.  Alternate personalities cannot travel between levels without knowing the secret password for that stairway.  Demons guard the stairways and control the flow of alternates between levels.  Levels can also contain booby-traps that are set outside of an alternate’s room which will be tripped if they come out without permission.  If a booby-trap is set off, it can release a demonic explosion into every corner of the soul and cause enough damage to put the person in the hospital.  Torture rooms can also exist in the structure.  If an alternate misbehaves, they can be taken to a torture room and punished.  The SRA victim will feel mental and physical pain while this is happening. The purpose of Magic Surgery is to hide the damage done by SRA.  The victim will feel the pain and carry the dysfunction of their alternates and their demons.  But Magic Surgery hides the alternates so that the root of the person’s problems will not be found.  Because of Magic Surgery, memories in the hidden alternates are not shared with the core.  This is a major reason why most adult SRA victims have no memory of their abuse. Magic Surgery is trickery, but it works.  You must deal with levels, rooms, booby-traps, stairways, etc., as absolutely real structures in the soul – they are the places that contain alternate personalities and their demons.  This is key to the victim’s healing.

Programming and backwards thinking

Some alternates can be programmed by the occult to perform predefined functions.  For example, an alternate might be programmed to cause the person to commit suicide on a particular birthday.  An alternate might be programmed to wake up in the middle of the night in response to a stimulus, and attend an occult ritual, while leaving no memory of it in the core personality.  A programmed alternate can be activated by a code.  For example, a text message may appear on their phone displaying a particular number.  That number will identify a specific alternate who will surface to perform their predefined task. Backwards thinking is a manifestation of the fact that the enemy is always working in a way that is 180 degrees the opposite of God’s design and will.  Satanists program children to think backwards through confusion and torture.  This can cause the SRA victim to develop a mindset that believes lies such as: “Pain is good, comfort is bad,” “I’m no good, I deserve to suffer,” “Jesus is the enemy,” “Satan will win in the end,” and so on.  Backwards thinking must be renounced and replaced with God’s truth.

Horrendous Memories

The memories surfaced when working with an SRA victim will disclose some of the cruelest treatment of people that is possible.  We will not detail that level of cruelty on a public website.  However, Micah Chapter 3:2-3 provides a brief, shocking, and literal glimpse into some of the occult practices done in ancient Israel.  These things still happen today.  SRA memories are exceedingly difficult for the victim to process and for the counselor to hear.  The counselor must handle the victim with tremendous love and patience while they come to grips with what has happened to them.  In the beginning, many SRA victims may be in denial about the legitimacy of the memories they are surfacing.  They must be given time to accept the memories and to hear encouraging words from the Lord about his plan to heal them.  With time and God’s help they soon realize that their own memories are not made up, and they begin to embrace God’s process for healing. There is a lot of information on internet websites attempting to prove that SRA does not exist.  These websites insinuate that memories are fabricated and that no proof of these rituals has ever surfaced such that it could be proved in a court of law.  Our counselees’ therapists have told them the same thing as memories began to come forth in this ministry.  While it is true that the occult is very good at covering their tracks, there is a commonality to memories surfaced by SRA victims – who do not know each other.  This gives credence to the legitimacy of memories.  Additionally, both mental health professionals and Christian ministers who are exposed to the memories carried by SRA victims very quickly understand that you cannot make these things up.  The emotional pain a victim experiences as their memories surface is very real and may even be acted out before the counselor.   The pain surfaced in memories also correlates to the struggles the counselee is having in their daily life.

With the help of a loving savior …

We have worked with very young alternates who carry memories that are so painful that they are unable to talk about them.  In these cases we ask Jesus to come and comfort the alternate and take away their pain.  They will testify to us that Jesus has taken away their memories and healed them of their wounds mercifully, without them having to be spoken.  Jesus may tell the alternate that they are not yet ready to reveal their memories.  We never attempt to coax memories out of an alternate before they are ready to discuss them.  We have even found alternate personalities in the form of beautiful protective animals whose purpose was to guard the abused alternate from further damage.  We have actually found animal protector alternates who know Christ is their Savior and continue to stay with and comfort a healed alternate as they safely wait to be integrated with the core personality. It is very important for the counselor or lay-minister who is working with the SRA victim to understand the magnitude of pain that can accompany SRA memories.  The counselor must be very gentle and sympathetic with the victim and also understand how to present these memories to the Lord Jesus for healing.  Rest assured that the Lord Jesus knows how to heal these memories and is capable of doing so in ways that no human therapy can equal.  Because of the wonderful work of the cross, true and complete healing from all of the damage done to an SRA victim is possible in the grace and power of our Wonderful Counselor and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The safe place

The Lord does not allow all of the detrimental impacts of Magic Surgery without making a provision for the safety and healing of alternates.  SRA victims will have a place in their soul that is simply called the “Safe Place.”  The Safe Place is a room or location in the soul that is off limits to demons.  In non-SRA ministry to alternate personalities, we ask the Lord to fuse and integrate the alternates with the core at different points in the ministry process.  With SRA victims, we ask Jesus to take them to the Safe Place where they are able to commune with the Lord and mature until the Lord is ready for them to be fused.  God will fuse them when the time is right.  He does not forget.


No matter how powerful the demons, no matter how devastating the damage, our God is greater.  SRA was around long before the cross.  Nothing was hidden or held back from the work of the cross. It can be hard to understand why God allows such freedom to men as to do these things.  But perfect love requires perfect freedom.  Anything else would be manipulation, and that is completely against who God is.  No one can fully understand the pain that God experiences when even one of his children goes astray.  He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and he feels the pain his children feel.  This is part of the price God pays for giving us his best – perfect freedom to love or reject him.  It is also why he is willing to bless us so richly for choosing his son – he knows we could have chosen otherwise, and he never forgets that. We can testify that God shows up for SRA victims with a special grace.  It may take a lot of healing for some to feel that, but we see it in every SRA victim we work with.  There is no demon, no power in hell, and no scheme of the enemy that is hidden from God’s eyes or out of his reach to heal.  Not only does he heal completely, he knows exactly the pace of healing and revelation that each person needs.  We see, before our very eyes, how the Holy Spirit hides memories that alternates are not yet ready to process, while reaching into their hearts and taking away their pain.  The wisdom the Holy Spirit shows with these counselees – who have to be among the most devastated people on the planet – is only matched by his infinite love and tender care. In even the worst cases that human imagination can fathom, he still holds our hearts.  And with his loving, always perfect, everlasting arms, he does what he came to earth to do – bind up the brokenhearted.  For me, watching this happen is one of the greatest privileges my small mind could ever wish to see. For more information,  see Ministering to SRA Victims.

[1] We prefer the term “core personality” over the clinical term “host personality.”  This is because all true alternate personalities in the soul are part of the same person.  The term “host” tends to imply a symbiotic relationship with a separate being – or personalities that are not truly a part of the soul.  That viewpoint is neither Biblical nor helpful in understanding the true nature of Dissociative Identity Disorder.