Ministering to SRA Victims

bigstock-Man-kneeling-at-the-Cross-of-J-8053908[1]Healing SRA victims requires finding and working with alternate personalities.  With SRA victims, there are multiple complicating factors present that are not there in non-SRA counselees. Many forms of freedom ministry follow a structured approach (or methodology) that is designed to work around known truths using biblically sound principles in such a way to produce predictable results that heal the wounded soul.  However, because of the complexity introduced by magic surgery and the dangers of setting off psychological booby-traps, ministry to an SRA victim needs to be more free form and guided by the Holy Spirit. Attempts to control the entire process can cause people to miss many things required to heal an SRA victim.  Many of the techniques employed by other forms of freedom ministry can be employed once an alternate surfaces.  But the overall process of dealing with an SRA victim requires a strong dependency on the Holy Spirit, who knows where to go in the inner world of the victim and understands which alternates to bring up in what order.  We often begin the day of SRA ministry by asking the Lord to take us to the place he wants us to start and work with whatever he shows us there. The counselor in SRA ministry needs a thorough understanding of what is going on inside of the person as it relates to levels, alternate personalities, demons, programming, backwards thinking, etc.  They need to understand the principles the Lord uses to heal alternates such as providing comfort by sending a child alternate a little lamb to sooth them as they process memories, placing alternates in The Safe Place while they wait to be fused and integrated with the core soul, etc. Ministers should also be familiar with God’s means of using symbols or parables in the healing process.  For example, in our first SRA victim, we asked the Lord for a box in which to place a curse that had been placed on the victim.  The Lord them showed us other things, which we did not previously know about, to put in the box.  The box was then locked with a key that only Jesus holds and sent out into oblivion.  There were immediate signs of the curse being broken in the counselee’s life that night when she went home to her children. God sometimes shows the victim a landscape with features such as a cave, which contains alternates that are being hidden by demons.  This alerts us to the fact that we must either go into the cave or find the legal ground that the demons are using to hide the alternates.  Learning to interpret these symbols and parables can be important to a victim’s healing.

A Long Process

It may take 2 to 3 years of regular appointments to bring complete their healing.  There are many ministries out there that claim to heal SRA victims in a matter of days or only a few months.  Caution should be exercised to participate only in a ministry that shows understanding of the full extent and complexity of magic surgery, and understand that thousands of alternate personalities are likely to be present in the victim.  Some of our SRA victims sensed from the Lord that their healing will take 2 to 3 years even before they knew that they were an SRA victim.

A Plan to Keep Satan in Line

Our approach to ministry does not allow for demons to take advantage of our human limits.  As Joe Allbright teaches, you can ask the Lord for “ground rules” that limit both the manifestation of demons and the latitude they have if He chooses to allow one to manifest.  We use symbols in prayer at the beginning of each ministry day to ask the Lord to put demons in chains made of Jesus’ blood, take away their power, dull their hearing, and glue their mouths shut with his blood, etc.  We require them to speak to us with respect because we refuse to let them disrespect Jesus by disrespecting his children, etc.  With SRA, we send demons out as their legal ground in the counselee is reclaimed for Christ. No deliverance minister is ever left to “duke it out” with the enemy on the sole basis of their authority.  God will fight for us with power we do not have to both keep us safe and keep the healing process moving forward.  We only have to ask him to put these safeguards in place.  With controls like those listed above, we have yet to have any real difficulty with demonic manifestations.

A Calling to SRA Ministry is Necessary

Only someone called to this work should minister to an SRA victim.  Complete healing of SRA cannot happen without having to deal with some very dark spiritual circumstances.  Demonic resistance will be a part of the process.  The counselor/lay-minister will experience demonic attacks.  They are all part of the training God requires for this ministry.  (You must know how to handle your own spiritual attacks if you are going to successfully face down the attacks that hit an SRA victim during their healing.) As part of God’s calling into this ministry there will be a season of preparation in which the person will find themselves being set apart for this work.  God will call them to a closer level of intimacy with himself and to walk a very narrow path with their lifestyle.  Extensive amounts of time will be spent in the whole of God’s Word learning spiritual principles and developing the ability to discern the tactics of the enemy and the truths through which God delivers His people.  With this preparation comes additional spiritual authority necessary to cast out the types of demons present in an SRA victim while bringing the necessary healing to the wounded soul.

For More Information

The information on this website is by no means complete enough to train someone to provide SRA ministry.  It is our hope that it helps others understand why SRA ministry is unique and requires a specialized focus. The best resource that I can recommend for learning more about SRA ministry is the book Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, by Patricia Baird Clark.  It is available on her website:  Her website also contains instructional videos that explain magic surgery and the structure of the inner world of an SRA victim.