Broken Soul Overview

Can you identify with this?

Broken Soul Pictures

“Watching” Myself

Have you had a time when, maybe in anger, you really “unloaded” on someone, and while you were doing it, it was almost as if you were watching yourself talk?  You were there, and you were doing the talking, but it also felt a little as if you were watching yourself at the same time.  You might have been thinking “Why am I doing this?” or “This isn’t right,” etc.  Maybe it wasn’t in anger, but the feeling of part of me watching myself and part of me acting out was there.

Emotions Welling Up

Do you ever feel as if some emotion just wells up inside of you like it has a life of its own? It may feel like a balloon being inflated in your chest that is filled with something like hurt, condemnation, depression, addiction, or anger.  It may even be triggered by something small, too small for that strong of a reaction. But no matter what you do – pray, or make a choice to stop or calm down – it doesn’t happen.

Different Parts of Me

Or do you see two different parts of yourself at different times?  Maybe one part is strong, confident, and may not care who it hurts as long as it gets its way.  But another part may be very sensitive, compliant, maybe insecure, and easily hurt.  Or part of you may love the Lord with all your heart and desire to serve Him with all of your strength.  But another part may be in rebellion, full of bitterness, be destructive, love sin, and be full of unforgiveness, etc.  The ways this kind of double-mindedness can happen are endless.

Containers in the Soul

What is described above is real.  Understanding it can make the difference between getting rid of seemingly unsolvable struggles and emotional pain and spending a lifetime battling this internal war. What I am describing are actually containers in our soul that hold problems like:
  • Internal emotional struggles and anxieties
  • Troubling behavioral patterns
  • Addictions – drug, alcohol, sexual, etc..
  • Mental disorders
Healing these “containers” can be the key to finding freedom from a lifetime of inner pain and behaviors that are difficult to control. Let’s look at your soul as if it were a balloon.  Like a balloon, our souls can be filled with pressure.  The pressure can become more than we’re designed to handle.  And if something doesn’t change, we will “pop” or “break.” Baloon 1 Have you ever seen a balloon with a weak place on its surface?  As the balloon is blown up, that weak spot swells outwardly more than the rest of the balloon.  If the pressure gets too high, it will pop. Think of the little blister on the balloon as the place where the pressure and stress is getting too high.  It may be from a difficult childhood, parents not loving well, social struggles, abuse, molestation, or a combination of things like these.  However, instead of popping, our souls can literally break.  But, when the soul breaks, we don’t realize it. This breaking is part of God’s design for your soul.  The medical world calls it a coping mechanism.  God calls it a “broken heart.” (Isaiah 61:1)  What this literally means is that our souls are capable of breaking into separate living parts. Baloon 2These broken parts are actually separate personalities.  In the medical community they are called “alternate personalities.”  We prefer to call them “broken parts” or “fragments” because scripture describes this like a clay pot that has been dropped and broken into pieces. Broken parts usually stay buried in our subconscious minds, but you still feel their impact.  They are part of you and a separate personality at the same time.  They have emotions, behaviors, and a will, all used to deal with the emotions and stress that caused them to break off. Let’s say a part broke off because a father made his son feel rejected, never good enough, and unloved for who he was.  Especially at a young age, a child doesn’t understand that dad is carrying his own problems.  The rejection just hurts, confuses him, and may make him believe that he will never be good enough. So the child looks for ways to medicate the pain.  Maybe he daydreams or withdraws from people to avoid rejection.  As he gets older and has more power to choose, the broken part may turn to things like drugs, alcohol, or sex to try to medicate his pain. As he grows up, he may feel pressure to stand his ground with dad.  Anger may develop, and he may break off a part that is the opposite of the first one.  This one is strong, bull-headed, and willing to dish out what he has been receiving back at the person he sees as a threat to his wounds. In the long run, the enemy uses this to increase tension.  The strong one invites conflict, but the pain from the conflict is rolled onto the sensitive one and increases his need to medicate, and an addiction is born.  The process continues and more parts break off.  With each breaking, there is more instability, and internal strongholds increase.

The “Containers” Behind Visible Problems

The descriptions in the first panel like “watching myself act out” may now be more clear.  What we are “watching” in those cases is one of the broken parts expressing itself. When emotions “well up,” we’re feeling the stress in a part that was stirred up when its wound got touched.  The “different parts of me” are just that: two polar opposite parts with different emotions and behaviors existing in the same person.  This is one of the enemy’s primary ways of causing hurt and confusion. Baloon 3 James 4:8 talks about this when he uses the word “double-minded.”  Amazingly, the Greek word for double-minded in this passage can also mean “double-souled” – two parts of the soul with different mindsets and behaviors in one person.  Isn’t it amazing how accurate and revealing God’s Word is?


This kind of brokenness, or double-mindedness, can be seen in all kinds of very stubborn struggles.  They can create things like:
  • Marital troubles from troubles rooted in broken personalities.
  • Bi-polar disorder from an outgoing manic part and one that is withdrawn and dejected.
  • Eating disorders and addictions can be in parts using addictive behaviors to handle pain.
  • Feelings of rejection, the need to withdraw, or rebellion, anxiety, depression, etc.
The list of emotions and behaviors can be as varied as our circumstances and our personalities.

Unanswered Prayer

Wounded parts of the soul are one of the most persistent causes of unanswered prayers for help.  It is not that God doesn’t hear or want to heal.  It is because God never violates our will.  Broken parts have a will of their own – it breaks off with them.  They need to pray for themselves, repent, and be fused with the core personality.  This is part of what is done in our ministry.  (We deal with other issues in our ministry too.) When working with a broken part, the speed and thoroughness of God’s healing is amazing.  We have seen God remove the crippling affects of rape or a lifetime of rejection in a matter of minutes.  The person witnesses of permanent healing from previously life-long wounds!  God is the one who does this healing, and seeing it happen is nothing short of amazing!

Ministering to the Broken Soul

The time required to heal a broken soul varies by person. Sometimes it is several days of appointments, in other cases, such as with satanic ritual abuse, there can be years of work. Regardless of an individual’s time, the progress is astounding compared to many other approaches. For example, a single broken part of a person can be met, helped to mature to adult age, healed, and merged in two to three hours on average, sometimes less. Traditional counseling-based approaches require years to accomplish the same thing. This is not because of any special gifting we have. It is simply due to the fact that interactions with God, when properly facilitated, heal quickly. Healing the broken soul is at the heart of the cross. This is the reason Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1 when he announced his presence in Nazareth which says he came to “bind up the broken hearted.”