Brokenness and Your Identity in Christ

If I were to ask you, “Do you believe God loves you only because he is God and he is good at loving? Do you believe that he works in your life only because he wants to make you more useful to himself? or Do you believe that he has to make you more acceptable to himself before he will really love you?” would you answer yes? Most people who come here for ministry answer do, but that is not the truth at all. God loves you because, not in spite of the fact that you are you. 

It’s very much like the way any good parent feels about their children. When they see their kids in a group, their kids stand out to them over everyone else for one simple reason—because they are theirs. They don’t love their children more if they are good or less if they are not. It is the same way with God. He loves you because you are his. Only with God can every child be extra- special, but that’s the way it is with him.

Jesus didn’t go to the cross because you are mess. He went to the cross because you were too important for him not to go. You would go to the ends of the earth to rescue your children if they needed it. God is the same way. He went to the cross because he wanted his child back from the clutches of the enemy. He went because he wants you to be with him in eternal fellowship. You are here on this earth because God wants you in his life.

Now you may be thinking, “But I’ve made such a mess of my life! How could God ever love me after all of this?” Let’s say you took a bar of the most pure gold in the universe and sunk it in a bucket of nasty, putrid pig slop. If you offered someone that bucket, they would take it in a heartbeat because they know the pig slop doesn’t change the the gold. It is the same with you. You are the gold, and the purpose of the cross is to clean off the slop so that you can be the golden creation that God made you to be. 

A preacher named Gordon MacDonald put it this way: Every person who has ever been born came from a different place in the heart of God that no one else ever has and no one else ever will come from. Your place was reserved just for you. That means there are things about God that can only be known on this earth if they come through you because only you express that part of his heart. God brought you into the world at just the right place and just the right time for those things to be known by the people around you. You are here because God desired to have a child exactly like you. You are more than created in his image, you are a uniquely beautiful, perfect expression of his own heart. It’s as if God pulled a piece of his heart off for everyone to see, and he shaped it into you. 

Our brokenness, however, causes us to feel that we are exactly the opposite of our true selves. The enemy wants us to think that we are no better than the worst of our brokenness. This is a lie. What is right in you is right. What is good really is good. There is a difference between needing brokenness healed and being defective. You are not defective.  

Brokenness makes us feel defective because the enemy influences each broken part of a person to think and behave in a way that is the opposite of our true identity in Christ. For example, an angry part of a person may be a part of designed to love. A part that feels inferior may hold beliefs that cause you to miss the fact that God has already equipped you to walk in everything you need in this life. For us to express our true design, our broken parts have to be healed. Most of our broken parts are inner children, stuck in something that happened in our past, believing that the past determines their future. They have to be healed of their wounds and restored to full, clear-thinking adult life. When that happens, we are able to step into our true, perfect design in beautiful fellowship with Jesus. That doesn’t mean life will be trouble-free. It means that we will be able to function in the full adult self that God designed us to be in and walk in truth-filled fellowship with Jesus.

I used to ask God to show me how he saw each person he brought here for ministry. He always showed me a jewel. He would say, “My kingdom is more beautiful on this earth because they are in it, and heaven will be more beautiful when they are here.” I would see the jewel cast before his throne in all of its glory, and then God would say, “My throne is more beautiful with him/her at my feet!” That is the way God feels about all of his children.

God doesn’t want to heal you just so that he can use you. He’s not limited to using only unbroken people. God wants you healed for the same reason you would want your child healed, and that is he wants you out of pain. Just like with any human parent, he suffers when you suffer. He cries right alongside you, just like he did Martha and Mary before he raised Lazarus. 

God thought you up before the first stars were flung into space. Your parents conceived you, but God is the one who envisioned you as the apple of his eye, the desire of his own heart. God can make exactly what his heart desires, and he did so when he made you. The enemy is trying his best not to let you know this. You’re a perfect fit in the loving hand of God. You are his glorious dwelling, his temple. The enemy may hurt and wound hurt us, but he can’t change the perfection of who you were designed to be. You are a gift to God, a gift to this world, and even a gift to yourself. Restoring that identity is what binding up the brokenhearted is all about.