Healing the broken soul

Preparing for the broken soul ministry Part 5

bigstock-A-free-flying-white-dove-isola-12762098Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit. The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart … Jeremiah 17:7-10

Every believer in Jesus Christ is endowed by God with the legal right to be free!  This is not man’s law, but God’s.  No matter what your bondage, God has provided a way to be free.  The accuser of the brethren, Satan, may have convinced you that you do not deserve freedom, that it will not work for you, or that your problems are too deep to be healed from them.  Nothing could be further from the truth! God has provided a way to be free from even the most serious bondage.  One of the most effective ways to do that is healing the broken soul.  As Jeremiah 17:7 (above) says, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.”  What does this trust that heals life-long struggles, including serious mental disorders, look like?  It looks like this:  If you are sitting in a chair, chances are you did not stop and test the chair to make sure it would hold you before you sat in it.  You believed that the chair would do what it is designed to do and sat down.  You placed your faith in the chair doing what it was designed to do.  This is what effective faith in God looks like.  When you trust in Christ for your salvation, you trust that the cross did what God said it would do – pay the penalty for your sins.  When you trust God to heal your broken soul, you simply place your faith in God to do what he said he would do – bind up your broken heart/soul:

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted.

Isaiah 61:1

In this verse, the word “poor” means “afflicted,” and the word “brokenhearted” is a literal description of a heart (or soul) that is broken into pieces.  This is the verse that Jesus used to announce his ministry. (Luke 4:18)  Actually, he went a little further than that and in verse 20 said, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” From the beginning, Jesus promised to heal broken souls.  We can testify to seeing him do this many times.  Plus, Risa and I both have had our own broken souls healed.  I hope you can take comfort that, in this case, like the apostles, “We speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen.” (John 3:10) If you are seeking healing for your own broken soul, we pray that God will bless your faith, stir your heart, and draw you closer to himself as you continue to read through this material.

A typical ministry plan

The broken soul ministry has a long and successful track record of helping people obtain freedom from spiritual strongholds.  We rarely, if ever, undertake this ministry without also including Deliverance ministry and Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  If, in the ministry process, memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) surface, we will shift from the methodical step-by-step process of the broken soul ministry to a more flexible, Spirit-driven process that is described in Ministering to SRA Victims Our normal order of ministries is deliverance first, then the broken soul ministry, followed by Theophostic Prayer Ministry or The Immanuel Approach (if needed).  Deliverance is done first because it is an excellent means to clear the way for deeper healing.  It usually takes about half of a day.  We find that Theophostic Prayer Ministry generally works better if all alternates and their demonic entanglements are removed first.  So we do the broken soul ministry next.  We will use Theophostic prayer and/or The Immanuel Approach within the broken soul ministry to facilitate the healing of emotional wounds carried in alternate personalities.  Finally, if the healed core soul is still carrying troubling emotional wounds, we recommend they enter into their own course of Theophostic prayer or Immanuel Approach prayer. After completing ministry, we prefer to follow up with people weekly for a minimum of six weeks.  Many counselees stay in touch for a longer period.

What to expect from the broken soul ministry

In short, you can expect to have major strongholds removed from your life.  This ministry often provides a personal experience with God that leaves people forever changed.  However, being free does not mean you will never have struggles, or that God won’t point out strongholds in the future that he wants to remove.  (See Case study:  Healing a broken soul.)  Personally, I don’t know of anyone, including the apostle Paul, who was freed of every possible issue in their lives.  God leaves a certain amount of “stuff” in our lives so that we will depend upon him.  For his strength is perfected in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9) Some people need discipling, mentoring, and/or counseling after ministry to develop the knowledge and skills needed to walk out their freedom.  This has nothing to do with the effectiveness of freedom ministry.  It is simply because living a truly free life in Christ requires every area of your life to be committed to Christlikeness.

For people under a doctor’s care

Under no circumstances do we advise against following a doctor’s orders or coming out from under a doctor’s care.  Continue to take all prescribed medications unless the doctor instructs otherwise.  We also recommend continuing all professional counseling or therapy appointments until released by your provider.  While this ministry may result in healing that is not received through clinical means, we request that all counselees rely on their medical and/or mental health provider(s) to determine when they are healthy enough to stop those services.

Readiness for ministry

For freedom ministry to be effective, counselees must realize that they aren’t going to get anywhere without God, and be willing to trust God to do this work.  A pretty good description of readiness is simply, “I’m sick of being sick of being sick of dealing with this.” A key symptom of a broken soul is a pattern being “consistently inconsistent.” (Joe Allbright)  Often we find that people with a broken soul recognize its symptoms in their lives simply from hearing about it and reading case studies.  For a description of how it can feel to have a broken soul,  please see our ministry brochure on the broken soul. It is very important for people to realize that the goal of inner healing is greater closeness to Christ, not just the removal of pain.  Peace and security come from the presence of Christ, not the absence of pain.  The best possible reason for someone to seek us out for ministry is because they want everything standing in between themselves and Christ removed, so that they can live out their Christian life to the fullest of what God has for them.  If someone’s motivation falls short of this, a significant amount of healing can be accomplished, but it won’t provide the full peace and victory the person needs. We occasionally have had to turn people away due to their beliefs or choices.  Thankfully, that is rare.

The ministry process

The broken soul ministry:
  • is a prayer-based process in which we are the facilitators
  • always keeps the core soul aware and in touch with what is happening
  • does not involve hypnosis or mind-control
  • can require as little as two days or, in the case of Satanic Ritual Abuse victims, as much as two to three years.

Using parables

God makes use of symbols and parables from Genesis to Revelation.  They are part of his language.  He communicates to us using symbols and word pictures almost every time we go through this ministry.  As you will see, we also freely use symbols and word pictures throughout the ministry.

Beginning the work day

We do a few things at the beginning of each work day to establish good working conditions.  These include setting up our spiritual protection, preparing alternates to work with us, and preparing the core to work with alternates.

Setting up spiritual protection

A broken soul is deeply entrenched in spiritual warfare.  This is true whether the counselee has a flipside and an ancestral demon or only a few alternates created from stress.  Demons are always present with alternate personalities.  Rather than engage in warfare head-on, we have learned that we can have God shut down the vast majority of enemy resistance. This is the first place where we use parables:  We ask God to put all demons in chains made of Jesus’ blood – chains that can never be broken, to glue their mouths shut with Jesus’ blood, emasculate them of their power, and to put them in a jail cell made of Jesus’ blood where they must wait until we are able to send them away.  We also ask God to clear the atmosphere of all spiritual interference, canceling communication between demons on the outside of the person with those inside of them, and a number of other similar things. We also ask Jesus set up ground rules (which he does), that keep demons under control should one manifest.  Through those rules, he takes away their ability to use power against us, and requires them to speak to us respectfully.  If a demon does manifest, it rarely takes more than two or three minutes to deal with it (often less,) and then Jesus gets rid of it for us.  All of this is set up in our opening prayer. We are detailed about the things we ask God to do in this ministry.  We found this to be necessary because the enemy will use any opening, no matter how small, to dismantle what we are doing if we are not wise to his schemes.  We find the Biblical promises, “Ask and you will receive,” and “You have not because you ask not,” are perfectly modeled in this ministry.  When we ask God to keep the enemy disarmed and at bay, he does it.  In a ministry that can get intense, we don’t take anything for granted. God gives us confirmation that he has done what we asked as the day progresses.  Sometimes an alternate will see the jail cell holding demons.  One alternate even saw a demon in jail wearing pinstripes!  Sometimes God uses a little humor, just to show us who is really in charge.  Alternates often see demons in the chains made of Jesus’ blood that we asked for earlier.  If they are not in chains when they see them, we ask God to immediately put them in chains, and the alternate confirms that it is happening.  At that point, they cannot cause problems and must wait until we regain their legal ground then cast them out.  When they are put in chains, their interference stops at the same time. Using this approach, we have never experienced a violent, threatening, or out of control episode from a demon.  In one case, a demon looked up into a corner of the ceiling and told me that Jesus was right there, making him obey me!

Preparing alternates for ministry

Also at the beginning of each day, we ask God to separate the alternates from all demons, and to open their ears and hearts to the hope and goodness that God wants to bring them.  We ask that he put them either with the core or the flipside, depending on which one they broke off from, until we are able to call them up and work with them.  As the day progresses, alternates often tell us that they have been watching what happened with other personalities.  (Alternates know the core personality, and often each other, even though the core does not know them.)

Care for the core

Finally, we ask God to take the core personality and put them in a place where they can see, hear, and understand everything that is going on without interfering.  We want the core in touch with every step of the ministry.  When previously hidden memories surface, we want the core to see them and understand what is happening.  We also ask that the core always have the ability to take control back from an alternate, should they feel the need.

Final preparation

Prior to looking for alternates, we review all of the basic material about the ministry to ensure that the counselee knows what to expect, and that they are in doctrinal agreement with the principles of the ministry.
  1. We confirm the counselee’s salvation, whether they are a lay person or a minister.  We verify that they have placed their faith entirely and in nothing more than Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
  2. We review their counseling form and get clarification where needed.
  3. We review the four main principles of this ministry: 1) Generational sin. 2) The possible inheritance of an ancestral demon. 3) The Biblical perspective on the broken soul and double-mindedness. 4) The existence of dissociated personalities, how they are created, and what they do.
  4. We explain that the counselee’s responsibility is to report everything that is going on with them.  This includes physical symptoms, visual changes, problems concentrating, anxiety, emotions, or anything that they feel they hear in their mind.  It is the counselee’s job to be the reporter and ours to be the interpreter.  The things reported are usually are signs that an alternate personality wants to manifest.  Sometimes they are signs of demonic interference.
  5. Lastly, we ask the counselee to deal with any previously unconfessed sins.

Getting in touch with alternates

Picking a starting point

It is always best to look for alternates that broke off of the core personality first.  This is to eliminate legal ground from those alternates that can allow the ancestral demon to harass the core personality.  Once that is done, we can start by looking for the flipside or an alternate.  We prefer to start by trying to get the flipside up, because once the flipside is healed, we eliminate 90% of the active demonic resistance to healing.  However, we allow the counselee to choose where to start.

Looking for the first alternate

Again, when looking for alternates, the counselee is responsible to report to us everything they see, feel, or sense is happening.  The more willing the counselee is to report everything they feel, the faster we progress. We bring up alternates by: 1)      Asking the Lord to put the core personality in a safe place where they can see, hear, and feel everything that happens without interfering. 2)      Telling the Lord what we are looking for.  This may be a rough description of the flipside or of an alternate that, based on the counselee’s inventory form, we expect to find in the system. 3)      Directing questions to the counselee’s alternate(s) such as:  Can you hear my voice?  Would you be willing to come up and talk to me? (I’d love to meet you.)  I will not say anything to hurt you, etc. The first alternate is usually the slowest to come up.  We are usually guided to them by the counselee, who will often begin feeling an emotion, seeing a picture, hearing something the alternate is saying.  For example, if the counselee begins feeling anger, we ask the Lord to bring us the one who is angry, and they often manifest.  Sometimes an emotion will manifest on its own.  For example, the counselee may begin to weep, and once the emotion is flowing freely, the alternate will have manifested. Some alternates will communicate without fully manifesting.  In those cases the core reports to us what they hear.  This is not the norm.  However, the ministry may begin with the core reporting what alternates say, then shift to alternates talking directly as they get more comfortable with the process. When the alternate is fully up, we are able to have a normal conversation with them, exactly the same way we talk to the core personality.  There is no difference in communicating with an alternate and any other person.  They are fully conscious personalities.  They are not a neurological phenomenon.  They are people housed in a temporary body, just like the core – two miraculously functioning parts of the same soul.

Working with alternates

Once an alternate is up, we ask a fairly standard set of questions.  They vary somewhat by the type of alternate we are speaking to.

Questions for a broken part of the core

1)      What is your name and how old are you? 2)      Will you please tell me about yourself?  I would like to get to know you. 3)      What are the major emotions that you carry? 4)      What do you do in the core personality’s life? 5)      Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?  (If yes, I then verify that they are believing correctly in the work of the cross.) 6)      Are you a caretaker for any other personalities?

Questions for the flipside

1)      What is your name and age? (This is to verify that we really do have the flipside.) 2)      Why didn’t you get saved when the core personality was saved? 3)      Will you please tell me about yourself?  I would like to get to know you. 4)      What are the major emotions that you carry? 5)      What do you do in the core personality’s life? 6)      Are you a caretaker for any other personalities?

Questions for other alternates

1)      What is your name and age? 2)      Why didn’t you get saved when the core personality was saved? 3)      Will you please tell me about yourself?  I would like to get to know you. 4)      What are the major emotions that you carry? 5)      What do you do in the core personality’s life? 6)      Are you a caretaker for any other personalities? As you can see, the questions for each type of part are very similar.  We like to glean detailed information from the parts about their behaviors, emotions, and memories – if needed.  Their answers will be kept in a workbook that I keep for each counselee.  When they say they are through, we then verify what they’ve told me.  We then check their information against data from the Confidential Personal Inventory so that I can track how much of the counselee’s reported issues we have accounted for in the lives of alternate personalities.  This is a detailed process, but very valuable in determining whether the ministry has been successful.

Leading alternates to repentance and salvation

We have almost never seen an alternate that was happy with its life.  To put it bluntly, they carry a lot of junk inside themselves.  Most of it came from demonic programming and they are tired of it!  With just a little coaching, most realize that they are not helping the core and they want to change.  Many have seen the impact that God has had in the saved life of the core personality and, they want that too. Once they are ready to repent, if needed, we lead them to salvation through a sinner’s prayer.  After they accept Christ, we ask them to tell us that, “Jesus who died on the cross (or Yeshua Ha-Mashiach), is my Lord.”  All alternates, previously saved or not, are led to confess their sins one by one in prayer.  We then lead them to confess that they will no longer carry out their negative behaviors, and all that their names have stood for to date, in the core’s life. If they are carrying emotional wounds, we lift them up to the Lord for healing.  Sometimes we will use prayer techniques from Theophostic Prayer Ministry for this.  We always ask the alternate to verify that its painful emotions have been taken away by Jesus, which they do.  It is amazing to see the power with which Jesus heals alternates in this setting.  We sometimes use fairly detailed prayers for these things because alternates often do not have a clear understanding of the work of the cross.  We also want the alternate to have the experience of specifically laying down their old life and embracing their new life in Christ. Once an alternate has been through these prayers, we see a visible change in the face of the counselee.  (Their face reflects the personality of the alternate at this point, not the core.)  Some alternates are too beaten down to look me in the eye, or even open their eyes, when they first manifest.  Once they’ve come to know Christ as Savior, they gain strength and confidence.  Most willingly look at me and cooperate readily with our work from that point forward. I often find myself spending more time coaching alternates than working through confession and repentance.  If there is one thing alternate needs to know, it is that they are loved and fully accepted by Jesus.  They need to know that they can quit carrying their shame and guilt and experience the transforming presence of Jesus.  This is their first and most important step to a healed life. Demons cause alternates to see truth backwards.  An angry alternate may need to be told that Jesus can do a better job of judging and rebuking people than he can.  Alternates that withdraw from people need to know that Jesus can protect them better than they can through withdrawing.  They then need to know that they can trust Jesus to protect their heart as they lovingly reach out to people to build relationships.  They also need to know how to handle problems when they come up. Some alternates must be handled with great care.  Those that have born the brunt of sexual abuse often hate men and must learn that they can trust me, a man who wants to help.  They may carry so much depression and hopelessness that they want to go away before we can start the healing process.  In these times, the Lord Jesus wonderfully fills in the gap and helps them find the courage to stay up and work with us.  We may ask them to “just see” if Jesus will show them love and peace if they accept him as Savior.  By the grace of the cross, I can say that he has never failed to do so!

Alternates speaking to the core personality

Once we are through with their healing prayers, we ask the alternates to speak to the core personality.  We give them a chance to tell the core that they are sorry for what they have been doing and that they will no longer act out in the way they have been.  Then they tell the core that they would like to be fused with them when the core is ready. Later, after the alternate has been put in a safe place, we will have the core speak to the alternate.  The core will tell the alternate that they are sorry for breaking them off and that they want them to be fused with them as well.

Uncooperative alternates

It is possible, but rare, to find alternates who are unrepentant and will not cooperate with the Lord.  Usually this turns out to be a demon who is trying to pass itself off as an alternate.  This is easily taken care of by asking the Lord Jesus to chain it to the ancestral, only if it is not a true alternate personality.  If it is a demon, it goes away, and the core personality comes back.  If it remains, we know we have an alternate. If in spite of our best efforts, the alternate is unrepentant, we have the option of amputating it.  This happens only as a last resort.  When an alternate is amputated, the counselee loses a set of destructive behaviors, but they also lose part of themselves.  It is not something to be taken lightly. I have only been faced with amputating a stubbornly rebellious alternate one time.  This alternate was destructive, rebellious, and expressed no fear of hell.  It stubbornly insisted that it did not want Christ, and would not consider salvation, no matter how I pleaded with it.  It said it fully intended to continue its destructive behavior patterns in the life of the core personality.  To my relief, before I was through with the prayer, the alternate was in tearful repentance, wanting to stop its stubbornness, and accepted Christ.

Finding the next alternate

We always ask the alternate if they will help us find others.  We’ve never had one refuse.  Some are caretakers of other personalities.  If so, we can ask the Lord to bring up the ones that the caretaker has been responsible for.  Once we have them, we go through the same questions as before.  We ask the caretaker to speak for the others (unless some want to speak for themselves.)  The caretaker will then lead the others in prayers like those described above, following our lead. If we don’t have a caretaker, we can ask the alternate to help us find others.  Sometimes they already know about others and may know names.  If so, we ask the Lord to bring those up.  If not, we go back to using living parables and word-pictures.  We ask the Lord to put the cooperative alternate on a high place where they can see, hear, and feel what else is going on.  We explain that the Holy Spirit gives them the ability to see with his eyes, etc.  The alternate usually closes their eyes, and as we pray, they move their head as they look around.  They may report seeing another personality or, sometimes, demon(s). If they see a demon, we ask the Lord to put it in chains made of Jesus’ blood and take away its power, etc.  The alternate then confirms that the demon has been immobilized.  If the alternate sees another personality, we speak with them next.  Alternates find others roughly 50% of the time.  It is rare that a single alternate can see every other personality in the system.

Following word-pictures

Sometimes the alternate will see landscapes and paint us  a word-picture of what they see.  This is a truly inspiring experience!  Everything in the landscape will have meaning.  It can be like taking an inventory of the soul.  The knowledge gained is always useful in helping set the counselee free. I’ve had an alternate see a buried treasure, and upon opening it, the Lord revealed to me that he was seeing heavenly riches that God planned to bless the man with as he walked out his healing.  He saw a lake, so we looked in the water.  We found a number of active demons represented as sharks, octopi, etc.  Immediately upon asking, the Lord had them immobilized and in chains.  Demons like this are usually trying to block us from finding other alternates. One counselee saw an aggressive, angry demonic bull  in a western-style livestock ring.  I asked the Lord to demote it and take it captive, not knowing exactly what would happen.  The alternate then reported that the bull had changed to a calf and was being lead out of the ring with a rope around its neck!  How glorious our Lord is in all his ways!  Dealing with powerful demons in ways that completely disarm all threats while showing his omnipotent superiority over all creation! One alternate drew for us a landscape with two hills that contained caves.  There was a shimmering tree in between the hills that I believe was the Holy Spirit in the form of the Tree of Life.  The caves were ways of alerting us that the flipside was being held captive by demons.  It was being held at the bottom of one of the caves.  We spent several hours discovering the legal ground that allowed the demons to hide the flipside.  Once that was confessed and repented of by the core, the flipside came up after less than ten seconds of asking for it! The search of a landscape always finds other alternates.  Each succeeding alternate will see the same landscape and take turns searching it after they are healed.  The previous alternates will stay with the newly healed one and help them pick up the search.  The senior alternate in the group may ask to conduct the search after each healing, to which we are glad to oblige.

If the alternate finds nothing

If the alternate does not see anything, we then ask the Lord to put in a safe place where they can wait to be fused.  We then ask the Lord to bring the core personality back up.  We then begin our search for the next alternate using the same approach that we began with.  In a non-SRA victim, we usually find between five and nine alternates, sometimes more.

Finishing the search

Once we believe that we may have found all of the alternates, we conduct a final end-to-end search.  We ask the Lord to bring to us all of the alternates that are waiting to be fused.  We ask God to put them in a high place and search for alternates by ages.  We will typically start at birth and look for others by age brackets.  We will look for ages 0 – 5, 6 – 12, 13 – 19, 20 – 29, etc., until we reach the age of the counselee.  If we do not find any others, we ask the Lord to put the alternates in a safe place while they wait to be fused with the core.

Fusing personalities

At this point we lead the core through a prayer in which they ask the Lord to fuse them with all of their alternates.  This is a fairly detailed prayer that can involve repentance, renouncing previous behaviors, claiming back ground previously surrendered to Satan, and confessing their newfound freedom in Christ. We verify fusing by attempting to call them up using the same approach used earlier.  We then ask the core if anything is bothering them, or if anything feels wrong.  If so, we investigate the problem and continue to look for alternates until we are satisfied that we have found everything. Next, we lead the core to ask the Lord to do one of four things with the enemy.  There is a Biblical premise for doing this.  Jesus promised that what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven.  (Matthew 18:18)  He also told us that have permission to ask for anything that helps us fulfill the ministry commission he has given us. (John 14:13-14)  Because of these promises, we know that we can ask the Lord to place demons where they will never bother any of us again.  It is still up to Him to decide what to do with the enemy in this process.  We typically ask the Lord to do one of four things with the demons, depending on how much trouble they have given us. We the lead ask the Lord to do one of four things with demons that manned strongholds affecting the believer: 1)      Put them in the bottomless abyss. 2)      Put them in the Lake of Fire and let them begin their eternity now. 3)      Annihilate them with the breath of his holy mouth. (Thessalonians 2:8) 4)      Or simply bind them so that they will never bother the counselee, nor anyone connected to them ever again. While we cannot choose what God does with demons, we have every right to ask him for these things.  (We have seen indications that God does indeed send demons to one of these destinations when we ask.)

Final check for demonic legal ground

We make one more check to ensure that no strongholds remain on any type of legal ground.  We cover all types of ground that we know of including curses, mindsets, clones, illnesses, or any other type of ground that the Holy Spirit needs to reveal. If we find that the ancestral hasn’t left, then we know that it still has some legal ground that needs to be removed.  We continue to work until we find it.  This is done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, whose job it is to convict us of sin, righteousness, and judgement – which covers everything needed to gain your freedom.  (John 16:8) We want counselees to understand that full and complete healing is always achievable through Christ.  However, sometimes the road to getting there requires a lot of work.  The work is more than worth the effort as judged by the beauty of the new life seen in counselees who are set free!

Dealing with generational sin

Once the person’s personal ministry is finished, we deal with ancestral bondage that passed through them to their children.  We believe that it is possible for a parent to take responsibility for the generational sin that was passed down to their children, and in doing so, have it forgiven and called back.  Some people write that this works only if the child is under the “age of accountability.”  We believe that the Lord has led us to a complementary truth:  We deal with generational sin on the basis of responsibility in the person through whom it passed down.  This would be the parent who did not stop The generational sin from being passed down to their children.  This is done through a simple prayer of confession at the end of formal ministry.


As I’m sure you can see by now, we try to be as thorough and careful as possible to catch all oppression in a counselee.  There are numerous checks and balances to make sure that we are getting everything and achieving the results that the counselee needs to be free. We ask all of our counselees to follow up with us at least once a week for a minimum of six weeks.  We have had the privilege of being in the lives of some counselees through joys and trials long after they finished their ministry. Next article