What is Freedom Ministry?

  freedom Freedom ministry consists of different forms of Christian ministries used to heal damaged emotions and break spiritual strongholds.  Freedom ministry is different from clinical therapy in that it does not treat these things as clinical problems.  Instead, freedom ministry deals with the spiritual issues that result in strongholds.  (A stronghold is an unwanted problem that has a “strong hold” on your life.)  While clinicians attempt to find the root cause of problems, they simply cannot equal or replace the power of the Holy Spirit in finding root causes or healing God’s children. Freedom ministry understands that a particular type of stronghold may be a container for many different types of problems.  For example, in one person an alternate personality may be the source of bipolar disorder while in another it may be the source of an anger problem or a sexual addiction.  A problem such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression may be rooted in lie-based belief from a painful memory.   It is therefore critical that a freedom minister learn to identify the types of strongholds that are present so that the right type of ministry is used. Freedom ministry needs to be done on the basis of the type of stronghold that is present.  If alternate personalities are present, the same approach will be used for all alternates even though they may hold very different types of problems.  An addiction or anger problem may be handled with the same overall ministry process as bipolar disorder. When the right type of ministry is paired with the right type of stronghold, most people say that the results of freedom ministry are far better than the help they receive through clinical counseling or psychotropic medication. For information on specific freedom ministries, see Deliverance ministryTheophostic Prayer MinistryThe broken soul ministry, and Satanic Ritual Abuse ministry, or click on any of the articles on the left side of the page. Next article