Deliverance Ministry

  bigstock-Man-kneeling-at-the-Cross-of-J-8053908[1] Deliverance ministry is a great place for most people to start their journey out of bondage into spiritual freedom.  Deliverance addresses multiple aspects of our live that can cause spiritual bondage. Deliverance consists of a series of prayers that address individual needs for repentance, forgiveness, bondage breaking, etc., along with embracing sound Biblical doctrine that allows us to live free in Christ.  There are many different forms of deliverance ministry used within the body of Christ.  Since we use deliverance primarily as a lead-in to deeper healing, we keep our sessions to one day or less.  The areas we typically deal with in deliverance include:
  • Affirmation of Biblical doctrine pertaining to freedom
  • Forgiveness
  • Breaking self–protective vows
  • Breaking self–defeating mindsets
  • Breaking ungodly soul ties
  • Confession of all known sin
  • Renouncing known strongholds
  • Breaking curses (if applicable)
  • Removal of all legal claim that the enemy may have gained to our souls through these issues

What to expect from deliverance ministry

It is best to think of deliverance as more of a cleansing than inner healing.  (Although, we have seen some physical healings from deliverance ministry.)  Because deliverance deals with the results of behavior and choices that we can and too often do make again, deliverance tends to act more as a much-needed “spiritual shower” than a deep healing of inner wounds. Still, deliverance is a time-proven, theologically sound method of dealing with wide varieties of bondage.  Its purpose is to help us do as God’s word instructs us in 1 John 1:9, which says to confess our sins so that we can be cleansed of all unrighteousness.  With deliverance, you are provided with both new knowledge and a set of prayers that can be incorporated into your Christian walk to help to keep these issues from returning.

Deliverance ministry resource

You can work through deliverance ministry on your own using Reclaiming Holiness, available on our books page. For a deliverance ministry brochure, click here. Next article