The broken soul ministry

Broken Soul PicThe broken soul ministry is a very in-depth topic.  Here, we provide only a cursory introduction.  To gain a working knowledge of the broken soul, please read the stream of articles on this subject beginning with Mark’s story, introduction to the broken soul. In my opinion, the broken soul ministry is one of the most amazing things any person will ever see.  You see mental illnesses, that have been labeled as incurable by therapists, healed in as little as two or three days.  You see people gain hope, for the first time in decades, when they realize that there is hope for their unexplained, life-long struggles.  You see Jesus speak to the memories of a three-year-old little girl and tell her she doesn’t have to talk about what happened – he already knows – and you see the pain leave her face as he takes it away, never to return again. Better than anything I know, this ministry proves that deep, miraculous healing is available for the asking.  Sometimes, all you need to know is how to ask.  This ministry is about knowing how to ask.

So what is a broken soul?

The broken soul is what causes people to feel that something inside isn’t right and feel they are powerless to fix it.  It is what is behind the knowledge that “Part of me wants what is good, and part of me won’t cooperate.”  And it is why many people have felt for all their lives that something inside of them is broken, or even destructive, wondering why they struggle so hard, even though they pursue God with all their strength. The broken soul is literally a soul that exists in multiple, separate functioning pieces.  Those pieces are the result of a God-given coping mechanism that allows the soul to break off hidden personalities to handle the pain of stress and trauma.  Clinicians label them “alternate personalities.”  These personalities are almost never seen, but they are there.  Based on the types of people we see in this ministry, we would estimate that they are present in 30% to 50% of the population.  This is far higher than the rates estimated by secular therapists.  But over a two or three day period, this ministry also heals problems that secular therapists label as incurable.   These hidden alternate personalities contain problematic behavior and painful emotions.  They carry behaviors that always handle stress in unhealthy ways.  Broken personalities can be responsible for anything from persistent internal pain to mental disorders.  We have not counseled one person with a diagnosed mental disorder in whom we did not find alternate personalities – a broken soul.  Broken souls carry dysfunction from childhood, pain from divorce, marital troubles, low self-esteem, depression, the pain of abuse, and much more.  People carrying broken souls suffer from the most stubborn problems and can carry the greatest pain of any group of people on the earth.

Healing a broken soul

Healing the broken soul is an involved process.  It is accomplished by surfacing alternate personalities through prayer.  There is no hypnosis or mind control of any kind in this ministry.  Once the personalities are surfaced, they are led to bring their pain and dysfunctional behavior to Christ.  We then see Christ remove felt pain that is many years old as soon as the alternate gives it to him.  At different points in the process, alternates are fused and integrated with the core soul (or “host personality” by clinical terms.) Spiritual warfare can be strong in the broken soul.  We believe it is best to place strong binds on the enemy to keep their interference at a minimum.  Handling this part of the healing process is very likely the reason why ministry can heal a broken soul in two to three days while clinical therapy requires seven to ten years or longer. The broken soul is Biblical, as is the healing process we use.  It is what Jesus was speaking of when he said he came “to bind up the brokenhearted.”  (Isaiah 61:1)  It is what we find when we see that the original Greek text of the book of James describes a man who is “double-souled.”  (See What does the Bible say about the broken soul?) This ministry involves too much to try to explain it in a short introductory article.  To get more complete grasp of this ministry, we have an in-depth series of articles on the broken soul beginning with Mark’s story, introduction to the broken soul.

Ministry Brochure

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