Satanic ritual abuse ministry

 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalms 34:18

Man Praying by Window WARNING If you believe that you may be a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse, please pray before reading this material.  If you feel that God is giving you a check, please stop reading and contact us.  Sometimes reading about SRA can be enough to cause an SRA victim problems.  Click here to contact us.  Please be forewarned: This article contains disturbing material.    Satanic Ritual Abuse is on the rise.  Our culture is more desensitized to the occult and occult-related entertainment than at any time in history.  Desensitization only makes it easier for the occult to grow and snare people in their seductive activities.  It is difficult for SRA victims to find people who understand their troubles.  We want people to be aware of the seriousness of SRA, and to know that there are places victims can go for help.

 Secret horrors, innocent victims

There is no way to soft-pedal the fact that SRA is horrific evil.  It is perpetrated in secret by people who are experts at covering their tracks, and it targets the most innocent people on earth – children.  Members of the occult join churches, serve as elders and deacons, are elected to public office, serve in law enforcement, sit on judicial benches, and more.  They know how to protect themselves and cover their secret lives. You would be hard-pressed find a more heartbreaking subject than Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).  The only good news in this subject is that God does heal it.  That healing requires time – usually two to three years.  In the article The impact of satanic ritual abuse, we explain that many ministries are able to provide a measure of healing to SRA victims.  Sometimes that healing will give them a year or two of peace.  But the occult know how to bury damage so deep that many freedom ministries can provide only a partial healing.

Ritual abuse, buried memories

Very few adult victims have memories of SRA.  This is because the occult uses ritual torture to fragment (or dissociate) the soul of their victims so that they contain multiple personalities.  The personalities are the ones that receive the abuse and hold the memories of the ritual trauma.  But they don’t stop with dissociation.  Through a process named Magic Surgery, they know how divide a child’s mind into separate conscious levels, as many as 36, on which these personalities are entrapped and not allowed to surface.  Each one of these levels will contain a population of occult-created personalities.  There can be up to several thousand on a single level.  Four to five demons will be in there with each personality.  As you can imagine, any one personality can be the carrier of a mental disorder. The least disturbing form of abuse committed against SRA victims is sexual molestation.  Micah Chapter 3:2-3 provides a shocking and literal glimpse into some of the occult practices that are still forced on SRA victims today.  Suffice it to say that the mental turmoil buried in an SRA victim defies everything human.

SRA ministry

SRA ministry should be provided by someone called to this ministry.  The minister must be willing to befriend the victim, and make a significant investment in their life. Healing an SRA victim centers on finding and fusing alternate personalities.  When dealing with the multiple levels created by Magic Surgery, you must rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you to the level and the personality that needs to be worked with next.  This is because there are many mental and spiritual traps in those levels that can destroy all progress if tripped.  A fully structured approach will miss things. When healing alternate personalities, we have found that tools from deliverance ministry, the broken soul ministry and Theophostic Prayer Ministry, along with compassion, tenderness, and leading from the Holy Spirit are all necessary.  Sometimes we know that a personality has surfaced because the counselee dissolves into weeping so intense that we cannot fathom the pain that must lie behind it.  The pain and grief of each ritual memory must be healed.  Even so, there are times when Jesus will tell an alternate that they are not strong enough to remember.  In those instances we will ask him to take their pain, and the alternate reports that it is gone.  At other times it is clearly necessary for both the core soul and the alternate to process a memory, express their pain, and then give it to Jesus to be healed – which he does – in that moment.  We also must often lead alternate personalities to renounce pledges made in rituals, undo mental programming, and counsel them to change backwards thinking. The good news is that God does heal.  As we wrote in The impact of satanic ritual abuse: “Nothing was hidden or held back from the work of the cross. … There is no demon, no power in hell, and no scheme of the enemy that is hidden from God’s eyes nor out of his reach to heal. … with his loving, always perfect, everlasting arms, God does what he came to earth to do – bind up the brokenhearted.”

Beware of secret “civic” organizations

I  feel responsible to write that some secret so-called civic groups, groups that work very hard to pass themselves off as good people, like the Freemasons, Shriners, and Eastern Star, are hard core perpetrators of SRA.  These groups do not allow their lower-level members to understand that they are joining the occult.  As people move up they are are slowly entrapped into the thick of Satanism.  Our counselees share memories of childhood abuse by Freemasons that are some of the most disturbing imaginable.  The majority of people who come to us for the broken soul ministry have Freemasons within one to two generations in their family line.  Click here for a prayer to renounce Freemasonry and related organizations. (This is only the starting point.)  If you would like more information on SRA, please see our articles on The broken soul and Satanic Ritual Abuse, and visit our Books page. Please remember to pray for these precious people.  Most of them have been abused since they were small children.  No amount of prayer for these unwilling victims can be too much.  Next article