A Need-based Approach to Freedom Ministry

iStock_000016087114_ExtraSmall In our work, we have had the chance to see multiple types of ministry being used to address many different types of problems.  Sometimes they were successful and sometimes they weren’t.  We also provide different forms of ministry, allowing us to compare the unique truths that each of them contain.  From this we have become strongly convinced that different types of freedom ministry are needed to address different types of problems. We have seen unsuccessful results when people try to use only one form of freedom ministry as a universal tool to address any type of issue.  That can leave some, or even most of a counselee’s strongholds unaddressed.  It is especially troubling when a counselee is incorrectly told that they are free, and all they need to do is walk out their freedom.  This leaves them to struggle with very real strongholds as if they are not present.  The resulting difficulties can cause them to lose all of the freedom they had previously gained. We believe that the Lord has clearly lead us to adopt a need-based approach to freedom ministry – meaning we strive to identify and use the type(s) of ministry that fit the needs of our counselees.  Before providing ministry, we meet all of our counselees and learn about their struggles.  In that process we explain the different areas of ministry that we offer and how they may to relate to their needs.  If problems remain or resurface after their ministry, we will continue working with them to reach the level of freedom they desire. Between the four areas of ministry we support (Deliverance ministry, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, The broken soul ministry, and Satanic Ritual Abuse ministry,) we have seen very few, if any problems that we haven’t been able to help.  By the time we finish ministry, the counselee is equipped with a set of tools that they can use  to remain free and continue experiencing the joy and strength they gained from their ministry. For more information, including an overview of blending ministries, you can download the free pamphlet, “Need-based Freedom Ministry” from our books page. Next article