Finding and communicating with parts

The first questions many people have about healing are “How do parts communicate? How do you reach them? Is this going to be scary?” The truth is parts have already been communicating throughout their lives, and people understand their parts much more than they realize. Our ability to compartmentalize is a God-given coping mechanism. It is a natural function of the mind, and there is nothing scary about it. Healing is a process of understanding how parts have already been communicating and then using that in the ministry process.

Parts communicate three basic ways: 1) You feel their emotions, 2) You may hear an inner voice tellling you to do something, or 3) They can be triggered and temporarily take control, communicating on their own. All three forms of communication are coming from parts of you and have been happening all your life. Because of this, no trance-like state or hypnosis is needed to reach and heal parts.

In a ministry session, parts communicate under control and with stability and clarity, unlike when they may be triggered in daily circumstances. Everything is normal, natural communication, facilitated by prayer and discussion. Your minister is trained to know when a part is the source of a communication.

We can find (or recognize) parts by using the natural methods through which our parts participate in life:
1) By examining emotions: Your minister can help you explore your emotions and determine if they are coming from a part.
2) Through prayer: God can find and activate parts who are not currently triggered in response to prayer. He can cause a part that we can’t see to become active and visible through any of their forms of communication (listed above).
3) Through discussion: The minister can engage you in a discussion about a problem area of your life. The discussion can trigger the emotions and/or communication of a part.

Once we recognize that a part is communicating, whether verbally or through emotions, we are ready to move forward with healing.