SRA memories, real or false?

Is SRA real? Are the memories true, or are they fabrications? The answer to this question is that both true and false memories can exist side by side. It is understandable that many counselors and pastors believe SRA is a fabrication because false memories do occur in SRA ministry and therapy. If not detected, they can become so pervasive that they can enmesh a minister or therapist into working with things that never happened. Knowing how to detect and stop false memories can make the difference between success and failure. The best means to prevent false memories is to take the emphasis off of processing memories. It simply isn’t necessary if you understand that the residual beliefs about self (the identity damage) from the abuse is what needs to be healed.

If a memory is processed, and the need to do so is rare, learn the signs of false memories first. For example, progressing a memory should never re-traumatize the person. That is not the way God heals. Some memories may be logistically impossible. Other false memories will gradually take the focus off Jesus and into unnecessary and unproductive spiritual warfare. Again, this is not God’s way. If false memories are not detected, a person’s condition can go downhill quickly. These are examples of evidence that help an experienced minister recognize false memories.

Nevertheless, some false memories will usually go undetected. The issue is not whether this type of deception happens. It will. The issue is that, with the right emphasis on the cross rather than Satan, God will always be in a position to bring the process back on track.

Healing SRA can and should be a very life-giving process. Peace is found in the heart of Christ, not in warfare. The victory of the cross was more than enough for us to work with spiritual authority that brings peace. Remember, God can be at full power while working in perfect peace, and love is his most powerful attribute.