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God, who sees every aspect of who we are, has provided a means in Christ to find and heal the deepest and most troubling issues that can be carried in the heart. Stubborn issues tend to be difficult to remove simply because we aren’t reaching the right place in our heart that carries the root of the problem. We have to know both the truth of God and the “places” in our heart where those issues lie before those problems can be permanently removed.

This is no different from a medical doctor. If a doctor gives you the correct treatment for a sore neck but applies that treatment to your left knee, you may walk better, but your problem hasn’t been healed. The right solution has to be applied to the right place in the body before the problem will be removed. The same thing is true with matters of the heart. Through Scripture, God has provided not only promises, but a guide that reveals where and how we hold struggles, behaviors, and serious issues that we just can’t seem to remove from our lives.

This is the focus of our ministry – understanding the full depth and breadth of what Jesus meant when he said he came to bind up the brokenhearted. Then, with the Holy Spirit’s help, we find the broken “parts” of our heart that carry those struggles and bring them to God so that the His truth can set you free.

When that work is done properly, the results can be not only amazing, but permanent.

The introductory video below explains what it means to carry brokenness and how it applies to struggles ranging from irritants to things as serious as addictions, sexual abuse, mental disorders, and more. The rest of the website helps explain how this is healed.

As explained in the video above, our fractured parts carry behaviors, thought patterns, strong emotions, and unwanted behaviors. When those parts of us get triggered, they can bring unwanted emotions and behaviors into our lives that are very difficult to control. Strengthening our adult self may help us “white knuckle” self-control for a while. But those approaches are usually temporary at best. To remove those problems, we have to find the broken part that is carrying the behaviors, help them to receive the truth necessary to grow up, and then be returned to wholeness with our core, mature self. That is the purpose of our ministry. 

More videos are being made so check back regularly for follow-on teachings.

Our website provides both overview and in-depth articles on the forms of ministry that we use most often. This website contains enough information for people to prepare for and receive ministry from us. A set of relatively short overview articles explaining our approach to ministry and the ministries we provide is found under the menu “Freedom Ministry Overview” above. For those wanting to receive ministry, we want to make sure that there are no surprises and that you are fully prepared when we meet. Please read through the set of in-depth articles starting under the menus “The Broken Soul In Depth” and “Satanic Ritual Abuse” above.  You can also download and print all of our website articles in PDFs found on the downloads page.

To receive ministry

Ministry is provided both online and in-person. All information needed to request and prepare for a ministry appointment is available here. Get to know Risa!  Visit her blog at littlepottedplant.org. For more information: Send us a note using Contact Us, or call us at 1-254-227-6404.  

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