Hope Preserved Ministries

Welcome to Hope Preserved Ministries. We provide inner healing ministry in person and via the internet to two broad categories of needs:

  • Mainstream marital, relational, and behavioral struggles, along with severe struggles such as addictions, eating disorders, depression, PTSD, bipolar, and other diagnosed disorders.
  • Occult abuse, more commonly known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). 

The root of mental, emotional, and behavioral struggles

In your struggles, do you find yourself with thought patterns that are hard to control, triggered emotions and behaviors, or behaviors that are less mature than they should be, even if they feel appropriate in the moment? Are these patterns difficult to control and/or remove from your life? Those are some symptoms of the biblical condition of brokenness, or the broken soul. Brokenness affects everyone to some degree. As explained below, the secret to healing brokenness is knowing what causes it and how to reach and heal our broken parts:
  • The foundation: God designed us for relationship with himself and others. The cornerstone of our ability to walk out this design is our identity, the sense that we are loved, worth loving, and able to handle the life that is in front of us. When life damages our identity, it damages our mental, emotional, and spiritual health along with it.
  • Identity damage: Identity damaging events in our childhood stop the development of our emotional maturity. When this happens, our minds compartmentalize the damage and the beliefs connected to it into a “part of me” that is stuck in the past, holding the pain and identity damage from the event. Though parts form mostly before age 20, we can feel these parts of our mind and the issues they carry for our entire lives. This is the biblical condition called the broken heart (Isaiah 61:1) or the double-mind (James 4:8). We commonly call this “brokenness.” The root of brokenness in our lives is literal. It is the breakage or compartmentalization of the heart and mind.
  • Temptation and spiritual warfare: We are most vulnerable to temptation in our broken parts. This is where most spiritual warfare is targeted, below the “waterline” of what we can most easily see and care for in ourselves. This allows the strongholds carried in our parts to develop a deeper and more damaging root in the soul.
  • Sin, emotional wounds, and problem behavior: Our brokenness carries pain and causes behavior that becomes the root of moderate to severe dysfunction. From a biblical perspective, brokenness is the primary source of human dysfunction. (See “A biblical view of the broken soul.“)
  • Healing: Healing ministry must find and reach these broken parts if we are to experience permanent freedom and growth in Christ from the deeply-set issues that are hidden in our broken parts.

Our ministry process

  • Appointments are scheduled in 1/2 day to 4 day increments. We prefer the initial appointment to be at least 2 full days.
  • Parts are found through prayer, exploring emotions, and discussion. No hypnosis or trance-like techniques are used.
  • We are donation-based. See To receive ministry for more information on scheduling an appointment.

    For more information, see the website articles or the video below. More information is available beginning with Damaged identity, the root of brokenness. (For an index of website articles, click here). To schedule ministry see the To receive ministry page, or use our Contact us page to reach us.

    To donate

    Hope Preserved Ministries is a 501(C)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-deductible.

    Checks can be mailed to:

    Hope Preserved Ministries
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    For more information:

    Send us a note using Contact Us, or call us at 1-254-227-6404.