Fractured soul from Sweden

We provide over 50% of our ministry via internet video calls. Just as God is not limited by technology or distance, we have seen no degradation in results with internet ministry. The following testimony is from a young woman in Sweden whom we have never met in person.

I knew about ministry to the brokenhearted, and as soon as I understood I was fractured, I sought ministry myself. I mainly struggled with intense emotions and meltdowns, flashbacks to traumatic events, and incredibly intense and overwhelming spiritual battles. I also believed the physical pain I experienced could be related to the fact that I was fragmented. Everything that was going on with me made me struggle with suicidal thoughts from time to time.

My ministry experience has been pretty intense, and there have been times, especially in between sessions, where I have wondered if I will make it through. But during the ministry sessions, the Lord has always led us to what we needed for me to receive more freedom. I have been amazed by experiencing how the Holy Spirit knows every detail about me and my life. For me, receiving ministry has been life-changing in so many different ways that it feels almost impossible to accurately put into words. It does feel like it has saved my life. A tremendous amount of emotional pain has been healed, and physical pain has been reduced. I sort of went into ministry with a mindset of trying to find everything that was wrong with me so that I could be fixed, but instead it has had me discover how loved and valuable I already was and am.

The greatest gift of all truly is that I have gotten to know Jesus more.