Cautionary note: A person should never be told they are SRA

One of the cardinal rules of SRA is never tell a person (who has not reliably confirmed in their own mind what happened to them) that they are SRA. Recovery of a memory or two may sometimes, but not always, be necessary for the truth to be confirmed. (If this is necessary, your minister should know how to guide the process so that the memory does not re-traumatize the already wounded survivor.)

The power of suggestion can be very strong in ministry to parts. Telling a person they are SRA may cause them to believe their memories are only due to the suggestion of the minister, causing them to doubt the legitimacy of the very process they need for healing. Likewise, telling someone that they are SRA can cause injury, unnecessary worry, damaging investigations into satanism, and could also be false!

If SRA is to be confirmed in someone, it should be done with an experienced minister who recognizes the fact that recovering SRA memories is not necessary for healing. It should be with a minister who keeps Jesus, not SRA, at the center of the healing process. SRA should be discovered with the help of the Holy Spirit, who can provide discernment and protection against false memories.