Finding and healing a part through emotions

We ministered to a man who grew up in a home that was full of anger. He became very driven to prove his value which resulted in a successful career and significant personal wealth, but no improvements in his inner world.

He felt an undercurrent of emotions telling him that he was worthless. As I asked him to look inside of the emotions, he reported feeling unsafe, then unloved, then not worth loving. He felt disconnected from the Lord in the “place” where he felt the pain. As we examined the emotions, a dialogue began to form from that pocket of emotions. This was a part beginning to speak. Shortly, we were in a natural dialogue with one of his parts, a 12-year-old.

The part said he was afraid of being yelled at. He wasn’t sure that God loved him. The part was looking for people who would build up his self-confidence and validate him. He felt that no one could love him the way he was because everything was wrong with him. The part’s greatest desire was to be loved and to feel worthy.

After reconciling the part to Christ, he said Jesus told him, “I am worthy. All that time I was worthy. There is no reason to be scared or to worry about people or love. I am worthy in his eyes.” But the part still carried an issue. He said, “I still don’t trust people. I can trust God now, but I am worried about acceptance from other people.” What Jesus spoke next is an example of the simplicity of Jesus’s healing and the fact that Jesus’s words carry weight that no human words can. Jesus said simply, “Don’t be afraid. Be strong and courageous. My acceptance and love is what matters.” That was enough for the part to feel satisfied, reach full maturity, and blend back into the adult core.