Finishing your ministry

The most reliable evidence that you are healed is: 1) You feel as if you are in “adult mode” all of the time, and 2) When problems arise, you handle them without unhealthy triggers or emotionally immature responses.

There are no reliable tests or processes that will tell us when all broken parts in a person are healed. Some parts can stay in the background long after others have been healed, then surface when circumstances are right. The pace of healing and duration of the healing process varies by person. Some people progress quickly, others take more time. It would be a mistake to try to put a process like this in a boxed time frame.

God’s goal for people is for us to be healthy and functional, able to live out our God-given design in whatever roles we have in life. This can be achieved without 100% integration of parts. A few occasional triggers may not cause enough problems for you to need additional ministry. In people who have not undergone severe trauma and who engage in the ministry well, four days of ministry may get them to this point. In others, more time is needed. You will be the best judge of when your ministry is finished. Your minister can help make that determination.

Just like Paul with his thorn in the flesh, God often leaves us a reason to lean on him. This does not prevent you from living a perfectly functional life.