Frequently Asked Questions about Satanic Ritual Abuse

What is SRA

I would define SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) as any form of occult-centered ritual designed to abuse a person or further an occult agenda in the survivor’s life. Occasionally, participation is voluntary, but more often, it is forced on someone too young to know how to resist. SRA ranges from a one-time event to many years of repeated abuse.

Isn’t SRA false?

There is a lot of material questioning the legitimacy of SRA or attempting to prove it to be false. The truth is that false memories do occur in SRA, adding some weight to the arguments of people questioning its legitimacy. We believe that knowing the difference between false and real memories is critical to the success of SRA ministry or therapy. It should also be understood that reprocessing memories is not necessary to heal a person’s trauma.

Where does SRA happen?

Just like any other religion, followers of occult religions are present in all walks of life. It is possible to encounter ritual abuse in homes and in pubic or private institutions. It is usually done very secretly by a small number of people. It can occur any place in which the survivor can be isolated for a period of time.

How does SRA affect a person?

That all depends on the type and extent of the abuse. SRA is generally designed to create dissociated parts (or personalities) on whom the abuse is perpetrated. The abuse will often prevent the dissociated parts from surfacing. People feel the impact of their parts, but they may not know they are dissociated without someone helping them recognize their symptoms. If SRA was severe, there will be at a minimum significant emotional and (most likely) mental struggles. Many survivors of serious occult abuse are diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and possibly several other mental disorders. However, such a diagnosis alone is not evidence of SRA.

What if I don’t want to deal with SRA memories?

You don’t have to. Like any other form of abuse, the ultimate impact of SRA is destruction of a healthy identity (the sense of being loved, being worth loving, being able to handle life, etc.). After years of providing SRA ministry, we have learned that healing the damaged identity can erase the net effect of the abuse without reprocessing memories. (This is a very involved point, the full discussion of which is beyond the scope of a FAQ page.)

If you have been traumatized by recovery of SRA memories, something has gone wrong. God never traumatizes people in his healing processes. If this has happened to you, we recommend stopping or redirecting the process immediately.

What if I don’t have memories of SRA but people are telling me that I am SRA?

No one should tell another person that they are SRA (see our article here). Many people have their memories of rituals blocked. Recovery of memories is not a necessity for healing. As a general rule, we do not recommend deliberate efforts to recover SRA memories. Such processes tend to be problem-prone and laced with false memories.

How long does SRA ministry take to heal?

The amount of time required to heal depends on the amount of abuse a person experienced and the individual’s ability to engage with the healing process. Light SRA can be healed in a few days. Prolonged SRA may require years of ministry. One of the worst things you can do is try to heal SRA quickly (or speed up the process). Doing so produces false healings that can be very deceptive (e.g. stadiums full of parts being healed at one time). God honors his own construction of the heart in his healing methods. In other words, he works with us according to the way he created us. As a general rule, this means paying careful attention to the heart, one dissociated part at a time.

Why can’t I simply declare my SRA healed, and get this over with?

Because healing is an issue of truth, not spiritual authority. As stated elsewhere on our site, the Bible never says that your spiritual authority will set you free. The dissociated mind is a division of thoughts, emotions, and will. This means that not all parts of the mind participate in or accept the adult core personality’s actions. You must deal with each part according to its own needs and beliefs.

I’ve been told that I just need to stop believing lies. Is that true?

No! As stated above: The dissociated mind is a division of thoughts, emotions, and will. This means that not all parts of the mind participate in or accept the adult core personality’s actions. You must deal with each part according to its own needs and beliefs.

Will mental health services help an SRA survivor?

Absolutely. SRA affects many aspects of the mind. Like anything else, the quality of help will depend on your provider. We believe in letting ministry be ministry and mental health be mental health. The two should not be in competition with each other. Be just as careful (or more so) selecting your minister as you are selecting your mental health provider. SRA is laced with spiritual issues. Therefore, we generally recommend both forms of help.

How do you handle SRA programming?

What is commonly known as “SRA programming” can have many different effects on people. It can cause people to return to their abusers, attempt suicide, destroy relationships, and much more. All programming is predicated upon damage to a person’s (a part’s) sense of value. Healing that damage will remove programming without requiring anyone to delve into memories or other angles of these abusive practices.

How do you handle occult-loyal personalities?

When the true mind of a dissociated part is free to think for themselves, that part will come to Christ. (No occult-loyal part is truly happy with their mental and emotional state, regardless of the front they may put on.) Parts who refuse to reconcile to Christ have hidden issues, often spiritual, that must be rectified before they can make their own decision. When those issues are removed, true parts of a person will sense the benefits of the person’s salvation and respond to Christ.

What about parts who are chained up, in boxes, locked in rooms, etc?

Do not address issues like these by their presenting appearance. Everything in SRA is built upon belief. For example, we have told parts that the chains holding them, rooms walling them in, etc., are made of paper, not metal, wood, etc. The parts immediately broke their perceived chains or tore down their walls and received healing. We have told other parts that they can simply stop believing the obstacle is there, because it is only the product of deception. SRA healing is about truth and beliefs, not power. What is perceived to be demonic power is disabled by right belief. God provides the truth and the healing.

What do you do about the many supernatural issues than can accompany SRA?

SRA is built around supernatural practices and beliefs. Supernatural issues can take many forms in SRA survivors. Some are real, some are deception. Real issues are always predicated upon belief (or deception) and/or damage to a person's identity. Given the variety of possible issues, the approach to any given issue depends on the particular issue. If you have specific questions about an issue, please contact us at

What do you do about demonic manifestations?

For the most part, we do not experience demonic manifestations in SRA ministry. Do not be deceived: demons only manifest when they believe they can gain a psychological advantage. We do not speak to or engage manifested demons. There is no biblically justified reason to do so. The highest exercise of spiritual authority is the healing of the heart by imparting God’s truth (or building the kingdom into the heart). When we refuse to engage demons, they will eventually stop overtly manifesting. We work with the person to remove the demon’s ability (or right) to influence them. SRA can be healed in peace.

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