Healing an alcohol addiction

The average person we see holds somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 parts. Extreme cases, known as poly-fragmentation, will result in hundreds of parts. Below are examples of individual parts being healed. These examples do not describe a person’s full ministry.

A person can hold more than one part with an addiction (or another type of self-medicating disorder.) This is a typical example of how an alcoholic part may be healed:

I met an alcoholic part in a man whose childhood was characterized by degradation from his father. He became a workaholic to prove his dad wrong. As an adolescent, he had discovered that alcohol would temporarily numb the pain of his father’s wounds. This behavior was coming from a wounded adolescent part. This part had all of the stubbornness and shortsightedness of a typical adolescent. He did not care about the damage alcohol would do. His only focus was medicating pain.

After a lengthy discussion, the part finally acknowledged Jesus could meet the needs of his heart better than alcohol. When the root of “I am worthless” was held up to Jesus, Jesus said, “You are loved and have great value. I am always with you, always for you, always loving you. I love you for who you are, not what you do. My love is unchanging and will always be there, deep within yourself. You will always have my approval because you are my son.”

After Jesus spoke, the part no longer felt the pain of his father’s wounds. He grew to full adult age and was integrated with his core, free from the need for alcohol. His need to self-medicate with alcohol was removed when his father wounds were healed.