Healing sexual abuse

A woman spoke to me of feeling hatred for her husband during a recent period of intense fighting. She would call her husband names, use profanity, and was obsessed with her belief that her husband would not take responsibility for himself. She said she felt trapped, as if she didn’t have a voice in life and had no room to move. She said if she showed her emotions in the marriage, she got punished for it.

We prayed and asked the Lord to bring forward the part that we needed to meet. A part surfaced who was sexually abused by a youth pastor and then rejected and punished when she reported it to her parents. The part had been triggered recently by insincere apologies from her husband because they touched the wound of her parents not caring about her abuse. The part said, “No one really loves me. People say things with their words but don’t mean it. People always hurt you. You shouldn’t hurt someone you love.”

When asked what she thought of Jesus, she said, “He was a great man, but I am bad and dirty, and he doesn’t love me.” After some encouraging truths that Jesus did not see her that way, that he created her because he wanted her as his daughter and loved her more than she could comprehend, she was reconciled to Christ.

When Jesus spoke to her wounds he said, “You are worth far more than any diamond or jewel.” She said he took the label “bad” off of her heart. She said Jesus showed her that she is not ruined by her past; that was part of the label. She saw a new label that said, “Forever mine” put on her heart by Jesus. He then said, “It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t deserve that.” She began to see her true identity as joyful, happy, and beautiful, “because Jesus sees me that way.” Jesus showed her a gentleness and sweetness to her identity that can now flow freely.

After working through several wounds in a similar manner, the part was fully grown and at peace and blended back with her core self.