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Understanding Brokenness

Understanding brokenness and dissociation
The root of brokenness
A biblical view of the broken soul

Case studies: How we break from everyday events and/or serious trauma
Emotionally distant parents
Overwhelming a shy three-year-old
Insecurity at puberty
Sexual abuse
Stitches gone wrong in a young boy
Development of a pornography addiction

Recognizing symptoms of broken parts
Recognizing the communications of a part we are carrying
Common symptoms of broken parts
The para-self: A very important part

Spiritual authority and spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare and spiritual authority
What are footholds and strongholds
Understanding and addressing ancestral iniquity
The highest level of spiritual authority

The ministry process

The ministry process
Broken soul ministry overview
Finishing your ministry

Examples of healing parts
An alcohol addiction
Healing sexual abuse
Finding and healing a part through emotions
Healing the para-self

Satanic Ritual Abuse Ministry
Healing SRA is about Jesus, not Satan
Is SRA real
Three things every SRA survivor needs to know
SRA FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Cautionary note: A person should never be told they are SRA

Healing testimonies

A suicidal pornography addict
Occult abuse (SRA) survivor
Fractured soul from Sweden
Severe dissociative identity disorder
Risa’s testimony

Going deeper articles

Statement of core doctrines and inner healing beliefs
A deeper look at brokenness
Recognizing and living out of your true identity in Christ
Risa’s continuing journey