SRA healing is about Jesus, not Satan

The idea of working through occult abuse, more commonly known as satanic ritual abuse (SRA), is fearful to many people. This is only because people do not realize that God’s work on the cross is so complete that it removes the need to focus on Satan or satanism. God can be at full power while working in perfect peace with the focus exclusively on him. The deeper the spiritual damage, the more important this truth becomes to ensuring successful ministry.

Every stronghold a person can carry, including those of SRA, is rooted in identity damage. SRA is the most brutal way I know to damage a person’s identity (their sense of value, of being loved, and of being enough). The deepest wounds of SRA, including things like programming, can be healed by restoring self-worth and clarifying truth about the person in the broken parts who are carrying the impact of the abuse. This allows SRA to be handled without a focus on satanism or demons and without reprocessing painful memories.

SRA is built around dissociation (rituals that create parts). SRA survivors can hold several hundred parts, many of which exist in internal circumstances that can make them difficult to reach. Spiritual issues can be equally complex. The SRA minister must be familiar with numerous issues that can hijack a ministry or prevent ministry success. If you need information about these issues, feel free to contact us.

In the long run, one of the worst things you can do in SRA ministry is to make Satan or satanism the focus rather than Jesus. Doing so greatly increases the chances of false memories and the deception of unproductive ministry. The focus must remain on Jesus, the cross, and the restoration of the person's shattered identity (which is the root of all SRA strongholds). The minister know how to navigate complex issues to find and heal deeply hidden, deeply wounded, and deeply deceived parts. Much of this knowledge is gathered only through experience.

Like any other form of spiritual bondage, truth sets the SRA survivor free. Focus on Jesus is a focus squarely on truth. As stated earlier, Jesus never said your path to freedom has to go through Satan. He never said spiritual authority will set you free. He said the truth will set you free. Jesus works at "full power" when delivering the truth needed to set someone free. He can do so in peace, without making us refight battles that he has already won.